Thursday, July 1, 2010

Raven Noir Takes Off

This rendition of our formerly KA "Practical Magic" Black Coal Soap, is gaining rapidly in popularity. We've added Wormwood, that special herb said to give Absinthe it's hallucinogenic qualities. Well, it's actually an anti-bacterial when applied topically, and of course it will not make you hallucinate!! We also updated the scent, it's resinous and unisex, earthy with a touch of floral. The main ingredient is the Black Coal, which draws out impurities and also lightens and brightens skin tone. I see an exciting future for our Little Raven Noir! Keep your eye on THIS one!


  1. Love the idea of the Black Coal Soap and I'm so glad it won't make you hallucinate!

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie! It's our new favorite to shower with!