Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet Cherriepie

I would Like to introduce you all the The Caravan's new baby cakes; Cherriepie.!

She's been constructed from vintage toy parts and has had her very own photo shoot! She will be appearing in this winters (2008/2009) Oddities Collection Coming Soon at . She'll have her own jewelry, cards, soap and even perfume.

She's very sweet and tiny, measuring only 3.5" inches tall, with a wingspan of 4" inches .
Being one third, human, deer and bat, she enjoys playing in the forest and eating any delicious fruits and berries she can get her, urrrrm, hooves on.
She flies from place to place, mostly napping during the day and seeking out new adventures at night.
She loves to play but is very shy! Mostly she keeps to herself, up in the large oak trees, but will gladly befriend her share of squirrels and other small critters, although birds are usually not nice to her!

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